Friday, September 12, 2014

National Day of Encouragement

September 12, 2014 is the National Day of Encouragement in the United States.

It was started by the Encouragement Foundation at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas in 2007. The first proclamation for the Day of Encouragement was issued by Mayor Belinda LaForce of Searcy, Arkansas on August 22, 2007. Mike Beebe, the current Governor of Arkansas since 2007, made a proclamation for September 12, 2007 as the "State Day of Encouragement" for Arkansas. A U.S. Senator simple resolution designated September 12, 2011 as "National Day of Encouragement."

As we all need some encouragement from time to time, why don't we make every day a Day of Encouragement.  Joe Grace pointed out five easy ways to celebrate National Day of Encouragement:

  1. Tell somebody "great job" today,
  2. High-fives, high-fives, high-fives, 
  3. Call, email or text a friend or family member you haven't contact in a while, 
  4. Help someone along with their goals,
  5. Smile more.

Señor Frog's in Las Vegas
Postcard US-2412914 to California shows a variation of the "Keep Calm" motivation postcards, purchased at the University of Florida store at Zazzle. Interestingly, contrary to the intention of the phrase that was originated from a U.K. government propaganda campaign during World War II,  a trademark dispute occurred over the phrase as a registered EU trademark. The EU Trademark Office rejected the cancellation request on July 31, 2013. However, since trademark rights are jurisdictional, "Keep Calm" products are still available from third parities in the U.S. Searching "keep calm postcards" at Zazzle yields 163,485 results as of today.

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