Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Regal Great Egret at the Everglades

US-1505382 was the very first card I sent out. It features a regal great egret in the Everglades, Florida, USA.  I picked up the card, issued by the South Florida Water Management District, for Marleen1979 from Netherlands as she said she liked birds. The regal great egret, once nearly destroyed for its fashionable plumes, is a symbol of conservation today.

PostCrossing and Me

The first time I heard of the Postcard Crossing Project  was from its member TooMore in January 2011. Although I was too occupied/distracted at the time and did not join right away, TooMore was kind enough to exchange a postcard with me. I became really intrigued by October 2011 thanks to Dodd, when we did a direct swap. However, a couple of more months had passed before I was fully active. I wish I started sooner. But, hey, later is better than never. Now, you can find me on PostCrossing.