Thursday, June 20, 2013

Postcard from the 5th Annual Taiwan PostCrossing Meetup

5th Annual Taiwan PostCrossing Meetup
PostCrossers from Taiwan just had their successful 5th annual meetup in Taipei on June 8, 2013. Co-hosted by the Philatelic and Penpal Society of the National Taiwan University, there was a postcard exhibition on June 7, and June 8 at NTU's 1st Student Activity Center.

The official cancellation stamp was designed by Weital. He also designed the cancellation stamp for the 4th Annual Taiwan PostCrossing Meetup in 2012. That was the first ever official PostCrossing cancellation stamp in the world.

The postcard I received today from the event took 12 days to travel from Taiwan to USA. It was designed by Midorilee's very talented teenage daughter. 

The meetup organizer Dodd was recently recognized as a Postcrossing Ambassador.

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