Saturday, June 8, 2013

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Colline du Parlement, "The Hill"
One hundred and forty seven years ago, the Canadian Parliament met for the first time in Ottawa, Ontario. It was the fifth session of the eighth Parliament of Canada; and the last session as the Province of Canada. Before that, the sites of the parliament had been in Kingston, Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City. The modern-day parliament of Canada came into existence in 1867 when the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick united into the Dominion of Canada with the Province of Canada split into two provinces Quebec and Ontario.

Parliament Hill is the home of the Parliament of Canada on the south bank of the Ottawa River and on the west bank of the Rideau Canal. The Legislature of the Province of Canada met there for the first time on June 8, 1866, and the new Parliament of the Dominion of Canada began its first session there on November 6, 1867. 

My postcard US-1888769 was made of a photo from my trip to Canada in 1994, taken from the Major's Hill Park across the Rideau Canal. In the foreground shows the East Block, built in two stages in 1867 and 1910, hosting senators' offices and preserved Confederation-era rooms. The Peace Tower (the Tower of Victory and Peace), 92.2 meter-tall and on the central axis of the Centre Block, can be seen in the background.

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