Monday, June 10, 2013

Portugal Day

Portugal Day is Portugal's National Day celebrated every year on June 10. My received postcard PT-274057 can be a good example to showcase the diversity that Portugal may offer.  Piódão is a tiny village preserved in the mountains with 178 inhabitants counted in 2011. Located on a hillside of the Serra do Goshawk, the houses have traditional schist walls, tiled roofs, wooden doors, with windows painted blue which give a hue of artificial blue at night, Piódão has received a "Historic Village" recognition as national heritage due to its unique pattern of the houses. It has been experiencing the similar emigration trend elsewhere where younger generations migrate overseas or to the coastal areas in search of better opportunities. However, they do return, especially during the festival seasons, to reunite with family members, to relive the past and to search their roots. .

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