Friday, July 26, 2013

City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications

Vieux Luxembourg
I received my first postcard from Luxembourg today. Postcard LU-17397 shows the old quarters and forts of the City of Luxembourg. The city lies at the heart of Western Europe, located 213 km or 132 mi from Brussels, 372 km or 231 mi from Paris, 209 km or 130 mi from Cologne. Due to the city's strategic location, Luxembourg was one of Europe's greatest fortified sites from 1600's to 1800's during the European power transition from the Holy Roman Emperors, the House of Burgundy, the Habsburgs, the French and Spanish kings, and finally to the Prussians. "City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications" was declared a UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 1994.

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