Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Self-portrait at the South Pole By Galen Rowell

Self-portrait at the South Pole by Galen Rowell

I received a postcard US-2229481 yesterday from Texas. It features a self-portrait among the flags of the Antarctic Treaty nations at the South Pole in 1992 by Galen A. Rowell. Galen, born in Oakland, CA on August 23, 1940, was an accomplished wilderness photographer and avid mountain climber. Unfortunately, he was killed in a plane accident near the Inyo County Airport in Bishop, California on August 11, 2002.


  1. Great selfie on the top of the world. I was there one year ago, expedition was provided by http://poseidonexpeditions.com/antarctica/. Interesting challenge for people, who like extreme. But don't forget sunglasses, i didn't think that it's one of the most important thing in Antarctic.

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